August 22nd, 2022

Episode #5 — Land Route: Women of Afghanistan Find New Ways to Escape

After the Abbey Gate explosion, the chances of escaping Afghanistan through the airport narrow even further — so journalist Danna hatches a plan to take a group of girls and women over the Tajik border.

With security now on high alert at the Kabul airport, it is nearly impossible for Afghans to fly out of the country to escape the Taliban takeover. Danna Harman, the journalist who profiled Rodaba Noori and her all-girls robotics team, comes up with a wild plan to evacuate the women to Tajikistan by bus, along with a group of female cyclists. Tajik journalist Anahita Saymidinova is waiting on the other side to receive them. But they have to work with the Taliban to bring the women out of Afghanistan and over the border — putting them face to face with the very men they’re afraid of. Meanwhile, Mohammed is turned away from one of the very last evacuation flights leaving Afghanistan and must say goodbye to his wife.

Episode Transcript