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Bonus Episode — November 10th, 2022

Building a New Life After Escaping Afghanistan

Neha Wadekar, Associate Producer of Kabul Falling, speaks with Rahman, a former acting general in the Afghan army, and Carly Sparkes, operations manager at Azadi Charity, about what it’s like to leave behind the only life you’ve ever known and resettle in a foreign country to rebuild anew.

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Bonus Episode — October 24th, 2022

The Women Journalists Still Fighting on the Frontlines in Afghanistan

Neha Wadekar, Associate Producer of Kabul Falling, speaks with two Afghan women on their ongoing work in media – and the extreme dangers journalists face as they continue to report under the Taliban’s regime.

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Bonus Episode — September 26th, 2022

One Family’s Journey To Escape Afghanistan

Lucy Woods, Managing Producer of Kabul Falling – Project Brazen’s series following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan – interviews an Afghan family torn apart by the chaos.

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Bonus Episode — September 19th, 2022

Afghan Composer Arson Fahim On Kabul Falling Soundtrack

Siddhartha Mahanta sits down with composer Arson Fahim to chat about his soundtrack for Kabul Falling, the latest podcast from Project Brazen.

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Episode #8 — September 12th, 2022

Still Falling: Afghanistan, One Year Later

Over a year since the fall of Kabul, Afghans are still processing what happened, working to rebuild their lives abroad, and worrying about the loved ones they left behind.

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Episode #7 — September 5th, 2022

Why I Fight: a Taliban Fighter Speaks ​​from Afghanistan

In a rare interview, a rank-and-file Taliban fighter explains why he took up arms.

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Episode #6 — August 29th, 2022

Terrible House: Survival in the Taliban’s Afghanistan

International forces have left and the Taliban are now firmly in charge. At-risk Afghans scramble to stay one step ahead of capture and move closer to escape.

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Episode #5 — August 22nd, 2022

Land Route: Women of Afghanistan Find New Ways to Escape

After the Abbey Gate explosion, the chances of escaping Afghanistan through the airport narrow even further — so journalist Danna hatches a plan to take a group of girls and women over the Tajik border.

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Episode #4 — August 15th, 2022

The Explosion: Bombing at Abbey Gate in Afghanistan

Just days before the August 31 deadline for evacuations, a deadly suicide bombing at Kabul’s airport kills at least 183 people and makes it even more difficult for Afghans to escape.

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Episode #3 — August 8th, 2022

The Fortress: Life or Death in Afghanistan via WhatsApp

With the airport gates mobbed, Afghans have little chance of entering without help from Western contacts.

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Episode #2 — August 1st, 2022

A Knock at the Door: The Taliban’s Revenge

Afghans who worked with the Americans, women’s rights activists, and former members of the Afghan government go into hiding, mapping their way out.

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Episode #1 — August 1st, 2022

The Fall: Escape from Afghanistan Begins

With the Taliban back in power, Afghans see their dreams go up in smoke — and race to get out of the country any way they can.

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The Host

Nelufar Hedayat

Nelufar Hedayat became a war-refugee roughly 20 years ago, fleeing a Taliban-led Afghanistan. Nelufar has worked across the BBC, Channel 4, Netflix, and The Guardian, covering breaking news, live events, and in-depth investigations into some of the world’s most dangerous places. Her work often focuses on cultural upheaval experienced by women, children, and families during a conflict, especially in her native Afghanistan.

We put together an interactive timeline with key dates spanning from September 11, 2001 until after the fall of Kabul.