“And I was very much worried about this, because my sisters, high school students, one of them is in the eighth grade, the other one is 11th grade. And when I looked at them, how they were, because they were really doing great at their schools… And during the nights, I wept, and I couldn’t really imagine that one day they would not be able to go to school, which is their very right. And that moment earlier that the Taliban had promised to open the schools back, I was really relieved and felt really happy about it. But then that I learned that they have reconsidered their decision, I was so sad. And I said to myself that, ‘yeah, that’s not surprising. They are hypocrites.’”

My name is Ali Sina Doosti. I’m a recent graduate of the American University of Afghanistan with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I also studied social work at Kabul University. I am a co-founder of the Rainbow Cultural Diversity Summer Program, which nurtures cultural diversity and tolerance through dialogue and conversation among students. In 2018, I also helped found Dupree Library in honor of Nancy Hatch Dupree, who was an American-Afghan historian. I proudly use my skills and knowledge to contribute to the educational future of Afghanistan.