“What’s impressive is seeing a country that’s just beginning to let its young people, and especially its young girls, dream big. These young people have grown up exactly in the time where all these freedoms were promised, where all these dreams were encouraged. And it was charming and inspiring to see just how fast some people would hang on to that opportunity and run with it, and how far they could go, and how ambitious and how dreamy they were.”

- Danna Harman

My name is Danna Harman. I’ve been a journalist for nearly 30 years, writing and reporting around the globe – from Afghanistan to Papua New Guinea to Myanmar to Yemen. I served as the Nairobi-based Africa bureau chief for the Christian Science Monitor, and later as that paper’s Mexico-based Latin America bureau chief. I started my career as an intern at the Associated Press in my hometown of Jerusalem before becoming the diplomatic correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, and years later, a staff writer for Haaretz. I received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and an master’s of philosophy graduate degree in Islamic Studies from Cambridge University. I live, somehow, between, London and Jaffa.

Warning: the following content may contain triggering and/or sensitive material depicting war & violence

- Danna shares evacuation instructions