“August 15th was a tragic day. It marked the start of a life far away from my family. I had never imagined I would be separated from them for more than 11 months. Every night I went to sleep hoping that I would find a way out of Afghanistan, and I’d be a step closer to my family. I have kept that hope in my heart and never given up. I am still working to be reunited with them, and I have faith that I will see them one day in the future.”

My name is Hakim Shakib. I worked for the Afghan government and served my nation with dedication for more than 15 years. I went on many missions to nearly all the provinces of Afghanistan. I was educated in India and Afghanistan. I am a husband and a father to two little girls. On July 22nd, before Kabul fell, we attended a wedding party for one of my in-laws’ family members. I had to return to work, and I still remember my younger daughter crying and begging me to stay.

“Dada please don’t go alone, take us with you also,” she said.