“So [the Taliban] took me on 9th of September with them. I was with them for three days. So, they were just warning me. They beat me a lot, and they all just wanted to kill me… The things came to the media. By the help of other people, they released me. They were just warning me that if we get you, or if we meet you again, then you know what will happen. So I said, “Okay, I will not.” I tried my best. Actually, I traveled from the capital. I stayed for one week in another state where I was not knowing anyone, like a farmer or like a person who is selling something in the street. So, I just pretended like this.”

My name is Muhammad Javed. I come from a wonderful family with an interesting political background. My brother was a Member of Parliament from the Paktika province, and I worked with him as an assistant to serve the people as well as we could. My main goal was to bring education to women in my homeland. We had some great achievements, but unfortunately, the government fell, and we were evacuated. Today, I live in Canada.

Warning: the following content may contain triggering and/or sensitive material depicting war & violence