“I hope to return to Afghanistan one day under more normal circumstances, and I stay in close contact with many of my Afghan friends now living in exile. I strongly believe that the fall of Kabul was a tragedy and political failure that never needed to happen.”

My name is Phil. I’m a retired senior Central Intelligence Agency officer who spent over two years managing intelligence and special operations in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I loved every moment of my 25 years with the CIA, and I was honored to serve, especially as the chief of the Kandahar mission, which was widely considered hands-down the best job in the CIA. After leaving the CIA, I stared two successful businesses and returned over 50 times to Afghanistan between 2015-2022 to help support American efforts, the Afghan government, and the Afghan National Security Forces. Today, I live in Texas with my wife, my children, and my dog, Massimo.

- Phil