“If they’re given a chance, if they’re treated as families who are what they are, which is hardworking, very driven and very educated in most cases, and willing to work hard, to start rebuilding their lives, if they’re given that opportunity and supported in that way and empowered in that way, then it is a huge, I think, economic and social boom to the country that receives them.”

My name is Valerie Edmondson Bolaños. I’m the founder of an NGO called Warrior Angels Rescue. I started this organization in the wake of Hurricane Maria. It was a Category Five storm that devastated my home island of Puerto Rico back in 2017. What started off as an effort to rescue my own family grew into a much larger scale over time.

Since August of 2021, Warrior Angels Rescue has been evacuating girls, women, and their families from the humanitarian crisis that is escalating in Afghanistan after the United States left.